Teilchenphysik ohne Beschleuniger (Non Accelerator Particle Physics)

Experimental and theoretical research in the areas of
Double Beta Decay, Dark Matter Searches and Physics beyond the Standard Model

Non Accelerator Particle Physics


Picture Gallery

Entrance of the highway tunnel under Gran Sasso mountain.

Low level building (left), in the tunnel between hall A and hall B of the underground laboratory. The detectors are at ground level behind the blue door, whereas electronics and data acquisition systems are upstairs.

Open setup with four of our five enriched detectors.

You can see the copper caps, which contain the 76Ge crystals, inside the lead shielding. The cooling rods made from copper as well are connected to the liquid nitrogen filled dewars and have the preamplifiers attached.

View of the fifth enriched 76Ge detector surrounded by copper shielding.

View of the first enriched 76Ge detector, with silicon cap surrounded by copper and lead shielding.

Installation of the enriched detectors into the low level shielding.

The first enriched 76Ge crystal.

Balloon campaign with an enriched 70Ge detector in the GRIS experiment in Australia, looking for gamma rays from the center of the Galaxy.

Last modification: 25/9/2009